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Sands of Te'han and the Gate of Orphic


In the dreams and visions of the powerful and wise, change is coming. There is a glimpse of triumph, before the sound of struggle, the taste of defeat – and then the greatest gift – hope. This is a time before Dovah was known to be ripe with the force of magic. After the world underwent its vast transformation, there is much that has already been blurred by the march of time. This is the Age of Legend.

You have been chosen. In your dreams, you see a great catastrophe upon the earth. Your nights and meditations are filled with constant strife, and in the mortal realm the Gods seem to clash with nature on an increasing basis. Where the Gods gather their forces, change seems to be upon the world, and unless enough strength can be mustered to put a stop to their meddling , Dovah could be once again drastically changed by the power and will of Magic.

This is your story. In your visions you hear whispers of secrets long lost to the world. Secluded and obscure places and artifacts that could hold the key to your safety – or that of every being on the plane. You feel drawn to the Sands of Tehan, a vast desert that few have been known to pass through unscathed, as it’s size and mystery strike fear into the hearts and minds of those who would dare tresspass into its barren lands. But with your curiosity came a revelation. The prophecy of Shyvera, the fabled City Under the Stars is known to be that in times of great need, if a strong enough force were to gather in Tehan, then the Seven Cities would make themselves known, and the terrible fate that could befall your world may yet be averted.

ENTER Party:

Taz and 0.0162 could be exploring the desert with little supplies based on their nature (I don’t want to get into the logistics of a clockwork golem in the desert). As fate would have it, Taz and 0.0162 were on opposing courses through the sands, and their paths crossed a few days into their journey. Observing from a distance, Captain Astora – beginning to grow restless with his fame – decided to search for greater purpose in life, taking a skeleton crew on his airship into the desert (insert name here – it needs one).

Upon landing to greet the strange instance below, Astora’s Airship blows away some of the nearby dunes to reveal a large set of doors set into a hill. An inscription above the doors reveals a poem from a prophecy, inciting the party to reveal their names to one another. With the gates open, the party proceeds into

Gate of Orphic
(Pronounced OR-fik)

Floor 1 Complete
Undead Minotaur x3

Floor 2 Complete

Floor 3 Complete
(Botomless pit 1)
(The Prisoner – deemed insane by party, no key to his cell)
(side paths to crystals cleared)
Obsidian Minotaur + Inevitable (Marut)


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