List of Planes

-The Physical Universe

-Astral: This plane is the medium through which most souls enter the afterlife after departing the Material Plane. The Astral Plane appears as empty space except
for the presence of many distant motes of light not unlike a typical night sky. Most planeswalking and teleportation spells make use of this plane to rapidly displace person(s) on the Material Plane and reappear elsewhere.

-Ethereal: The Ethereal Plane is a realm devoid of any physical matter, though it would appear as the Material Plane to the naked senses. Mages who can travel to or scry through this plane are free to observe and pass through anything on this plane, remaining mostly undisturbed unless visited by another being occupying the plane in the same location. Not many creatures are known to inhabit the Etheral Plane but souls can occasionally be lost here and some extraplanar beings are known to travel through or visit this plane.
{Note: *The Ethereal Plane is permeable, though anyone or anything occupying it is not – this means that the Ethereal Plane itself has physical form and the properties thereof, but any being projecting onto the plane or travelling through the plane is immaterial.

-Shadow: The Shadow Plane only manifests where matter or energy are are present on the physical plane and mirrors them as dark matter and energy. Few beings can survive here or have access to magic to travel through this plane due to the strong presence of negative energy, though some primal umbral dragons are known to reside here.

Inner Planes
-Aligned Planes

  • Lawful ///// Neutral ///// Chaotic*

Good Elysium / Nirvana / Luællan

Neutral Syrinx / Tharrus / Orlacc

Evil Macilifus / ??? / The Abyss

The Inner Planes began as demi-planes of some of the more powerful denizens of Dovah shortly after the Calamity. As the first beings to take on the magic of the reborn world they were able to shape its basic forces to their own will, warping their respective planes to suit their needs. In time the planes and their creators grew in power, becoming accepted as the pantheon of Dovah. At this point it is difficult to say if the planes reflect their God, or if differing Gods have molded their planes to diverse environments. Each plane generally has one deity considered a God, among other beings of relative power serving theirs or relevant interests – though a few planes share their sovereignty or it is disputed (see Syrinx or Macilifus/the Abyss, respectively.)

List of Planes and their Associated Deities:

Elysium – Rathus, God of Order

Nirvana – Cygnus, God of Balance

Luællan – Madreisus, God of Choice

Syrinx – The Priests of Lersxt

Tharrus – Panthoum

Orlacc – Retsuryusaii

Macilifus – Domain of Devils

The Abyss – Domain of Demons

Some notable Devils/Demons include:
-Kether-Voralis: Known as the “Lord of Torture” self-given titles include Master of Masters, Lord of Lords, King among Kings, ect. [Demon]

-The “Deal Brothers” -Baal, Lord of the Crossroads (Deals made upon death or near death) [Devil] -Belphegor, Lord of Contracts (Deals made during life or involving another being’s soul) [Devil]

Outer Planes
The Outer Planes that are traversable to those magically inclined are many, though often not as hospitable to life. Mostly planes that make up the resources called upon by summoners of the arcane and spiritual alike, they are made up primarily of their namesake and can be difficult to survive on for long if preparations are not made.

The elemental planes take on the basic forms of Air, Earth, Fire and Water

There are also planes of Positive and Negative energy, filled with the powers of their respective Deities and their believers which can be drawn upon by those with a devout mind and proper training.

Some scholars have speculated about the existence of a plane of non-existence, known commonly as The Void, but their discussions are rarely taken seriously in the realm of academic discourse and are widely disregarded by the general public.


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