Cleric - Dragon Form


2 ways you could look at this in my world

Path of the Dragon
Though many of the common folk acknowledge the power and majesty of the greater Wyrms of Dovah, few know of their true origin and how they are linked to the magic of the world. Often speculated but never proven, the Draconic family of life is based on Crystals, and are not related to mammalian or reptilian fauna by evolution. Directly tied to the powerful magic now embedded in the world, the Dragons of Dovah have existed since the calamity and grew alongside the reborn world, meaning older and larger Wyrms may hold power close to that of the Gods.

Even in the short history of the Reborn World, there are those in history only spoken of in hushed tones, their names evoking reverence or fear whether in court or in a bard’s tale. Referred to commonly as “Dragon-folk” or “half-dragons,” these terms are both inaccurate and would be considered derogatory to One who Follows or a true Wyrm. To those who follow “The Path,” there may be other belief systems or direction they follow, but they are known to submit to “The Calling” at least twice a cycle – when the suns or moons align. Similar to the phenomena known as were-wolves, One who Follows is a title often mis-attributed to those with magical predispositions or physical illness. While One who Follows are known to take on a draconic form during Lunar or Solar Alignments, there are tales of those who can choose to alter their form between human and Wyrm at will, and may be living among us or Dragons – even passing between.

In legend it is said when the Wyrms grow too large and consume the world, all will burn, but there will be Those Who Follow.

Path of the Devout
Since the Calamity and the rebirth of Dovah, the many religions of the peoples and races of the world have been mostly consolidated into similarly structured belief systems. Whether an elf in their forest home or a human or dwarf in their cities believe in a named deity that represents an idea – their beliefs and prayers will still strengthen the relevant God who most closely represents or supports that thought. In this way the Gods and spirituality of Dovah directly influences the Material World: a person who wishes for an act of vengeance could pray to a God of Revenge, though if the prayer or intent were great enough they may receive the attention of a preeminent God, such as those of Order (Rathus) or Balance (Cygnus).

For those who ascend ever closer to the truth – that the pantheon of Dovah may have once been mortal, beings that by no small feat embodied their domain so thoroughly that they were raised to another plane – it can a life altering experience. Many who discover the foundation of the power of faith on Dovah have their belief reaffirmed, often having seen the power of their patron first hand; either being awed or coerced into continued worship. Some others who discover this eldritch truth choose to dissent, whether it be preaching their truth of a world without Gods, only degrees of power, or attempting to worship alternatives or draw power from celestial bodies by different means.

These distinct methods of gleaning the truth have their roots in similar studies, and the lack of scholars in both fields has led to a strangely quiet area of academic discourse on the origins of two of the greater supernatural powers on Dovah.

I really hope Jessi or the group can do something with this character, since in my world there’s a really interesting dichotomy between the Pantheon and the Wyrms (Dragons)


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