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Welcome to the wiki page for the world of Dovah and my first campaign set there, “Deicide.” I will update this page with lore, think of it as a codex for the world and people of Dovah, let me know if you want anything added or changed, I love player input as it helps to grow both myself and the campaign. I hope you enjoy, thanks for checking out the wiki.

Here to learn more about Planes and the Gods of Dovah or go to “Pages” on the wiki

There’s also a blurb about characters, please correct me or let me know if you want any interpretations changed, there’s also some lore about Dragons/Gods in the Cleric character page. Or link to Characters on the left.
Captain Astora

Also check out the Adventure Log; currently it doesn’t contain all the details of the first session but I wrote a prologue if you want to read a few more bits of lore and get a feel for the story.

Home Page

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